My Day in Concord, NC

I recently spent a lovely day visiting Concord, NC, a city that can be found in the Piedmont Region of the state. Concord is conveniently located only 20 miles northeast of Charlotte. This was my first time to the area so I used the local chamber of commerce site to find information on things to do and popular destinations to visit. I spent some time at the Sea Life Concord-Charlotte Aquarium and had a great visit there.

The Sea Life Concord-Charlotte Aquarium has many different species that I was able to view up close. I especially enjoyed the different turtle exhibits. The aquarium is involved in turtle conservation efforts and they have a lot of information and displays to help visitors learn about the challenges that comes with helping the turtle popullscreen”>ulations of different species. The highlight of my visit was seeing the huge Radiated Tortoise name Fuji.

The interactive displays at the aquarium were also lots of the fun. At the touch pool exhibit I was able to see starfish, sea urchins, and other small ocean creatures up close. The aquarium is also home to a large ocean exhibit that has a lot of different animals like sharks and rays. I was able to spend several hours strolling through the aquarium and had a great time seeing all the different creatures.


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